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Der Ledge am Sears Tower Willis Tower Skydeck - Lizenzfreies Bild C37519

Note A big thanks to the great Willy Kaemena for getting this panorama stitched so quickly while I m on holiday Thanks Willy Here is the window box known as THE LEDGE - at the skydeck on the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower recently renamed to Willis Tower but no one seems amused by that . This glass box / Ledge is one of four located at the observation deck of the Sears Tower.I had heard about this a few weeks ago and promised myself to take a trip here. Somehow I didn t think this would be a big deal - hey just pay some money and take an elevator to the top right I forgot that the Sears Tower now known as Willis Tower because some jokers RENTED 3 floors of the thing is a world-class tourist destination and one of the must-sees in Chicago. On top of that these glass window boxes have been getting some serious international press these days. So this is what it took to get here. Your mileage may vary.1. Wait in 1/2 hour line outside in baking sunshine2. Take elevator DOWN. Wait in a second line in basement in the name of security - metal detector etc.3. through the metal detector now there is a movie - some historical short film about the tower. Our two babies aren t so interested in this. However it s required. Only if you pay EXTRA you are able to NOT WATCH the movie -D So instead we wait outside. We cannot go straight to the elevator. only those who bought the fast pass can really skip it. We wait outside untilit s finished.4. Another short line to the elevator.5. Elevator going up. Breast feeding the little one to avoid painful ears. The bigger one sleeps.6. At the top It s a busy day monday morning . Lots and lots of people. Look for the glass box.7. Another line. Everyone wants to see the damn glass box. Is it worth it I m guessing not.8. Our line halts. Some video camera man has cut to the front and has his tripod set up with the blessing of the security guards.9. Line isn t moving. lots of people in front. We switch to another line. there are 3 of these windows - 1 is out of order 10. Finally. At the edge. This won t be scary at all I think to myself. Camera ready. no tripod Looking down.... Holy this is scary. Whooooaaaa this is really scary Take a very cautious step and another. Whoahohoho this is scary.So that s the skydeck of the Sears Willis Tower. Pretty Amazing. Yes it s worth it. - Lizenzfreies Bild Jeffrey Martin (360Cities)
GPS Position Der Ledge am Sears Tower (Willis Tower) Skydeck;
Latitude: 41 deg 52' 43.7803012956" N
Longitude: -87 deg 38' 10.55671692" S

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6500 x 3250 px, 550 x 275 mm @300 DPI,
(Mit Credits bis zu 23% günstiger als Direktkauf)


Urheber: Jeffrey Martin (360Cities)

Marke: PantherMedia

Medien-Nr.: C37519

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